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cloudLibrary is our new e-book/e-audiobook service. This service has replaced Axis360.
E-audiobooks from Overdrive have been moved to cloudLibrary as well.
Stress Awareness Month
“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop."

Life can be stressful. Whether you're paying the bills, filing your taxes, racing against deadlines, or buried under a mountain of to-do's, it's easy feel overwhelmed. This month, the Palm Beach County Library System is joining The Health Resource Network in asking members to make self-care a priority. We're hosting relaxing and wellness-boosting events throughout the county to help you relieve stress and cultivate calm.

Take Up a Stress-Relieving Activity

Can't make it to an event? Try a book recommendation for everything from gardening to chocolate therapy.

Clean Space, Clear Mind
Chocolate Therapy
Gone Fishin'

Stress-Reducing Events at Your Library

Release your creative spirit with adult coloring, painting and crafting. Let your tension melt away with tai chi, yoga and meditation classes, or learn to use massage and breathing techniques in our Taking Care of Yourself workshops. See you there!